Elengy Support
in a nutshell

Who we are

Team players by nature.
Professionals by knowledge and perseverance.

We are a young team with contrasting professional backgrounds as individuals, yet a strong passion for allyship and complementarity. 

Therefore, in 2022, we decided to join forces and started our first project together, Elengy Support. 

Elengy Support has today everything it takes for a competitive show-up:

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What we do

Elengy Support for companies

We take over the recurring workload.
Your team gets extra time to innovate.

We aim to be your partner in growth and take away from your team all the necessary, though time-consuming day to day processes. 


From services related to industrial automation design to connection tables or CAD to Eplan project conversion, we enforce your team with the time spent on meticulous work, so they can focus on improving the existing solutions or coming up with new ones.


Details and list of services, here

Elengy Support for talents

An environment for professionals, without bias.

We offer young professionals like you the chance to prove themselves and gain experience in the energy industry. In exchange, we expect you to cherish and trust your learning process. No honest efforts remain unrewarded!


Openings in Elengy Support, here.

Why we do

More flexibility and room to grow for us. For you. For everybody.

The past couple of years changed our reality and the way we interact with it and with each other. 

Thus, we decided to look towards unpredictability with curious eyes, and embrace whatever it brings. 

Most of all, flexibility.


Elengy Support empowers companies to be flexible and daring in planning their manpower. 

Nothing is more discouraging than the risk of overloading your people. 

Yet nothing compares to the excitement of a new project or client.

Elengy Support